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    From mergers to margins and millennials, Laurie Klein has the story

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    Copernicus Marketing Consulting and Research - "Who We Are"

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    The Science of Why by Dr. David Forbes

    In this book Dr. Forbes brings together up-to-the-minute details of the new marketplace, advances in consumer research methods, and new information on uncovering, understanding, and targeting the emotional motivations that drive the actions of every consumer.

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    Cathy Harrison Ranked #5 in The Top 100 Market Research Influencers on Twitter

    As compiled by FlexMR, the final one hundred are all real people, tweeting their own ideas and thoughts about current trends in market research.

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    What You've Been Told About Millennials Is (Mostly) Wrong

    According to our new research with sister agency, Carat, based on 14,000 millennials aged 15-to-34, this age group doesn't quite meet the stereotype of "hyper-connected optimistic digital extroverts."

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    Copernicus acquires Forbes Consulting Group

    Further strengthening its capabilities in data and consumer insights.

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    How2Media Has Selected Copernicus as the World’s Greatest Brand Strategy and Research Company

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    Our Services

    Segmentation and Targeting Strategy

    By Applying our analytic techniques to survey data and big data, we segment the market, identify the optimal targets for your brand, and develop strategies to engage them

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    The Copernican Newsfeed

    Check in often for articles and insights that will keep you in the know


A transformational marketing strategy can change your brand’s trajectory. At Copernicus, you will find marketing consulting services that help you dramatically improve revenues, profits, and brand equity.

Uncovering Authentic Emotions

MindSight® is a proprietary technique using applied neuroscience and images to directly access and explain the specific emotions driving consumer behavior.

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