Aligning marketing campaigns to springtime customer preferences

Aligning marketing campaigns to springtime customer preferences

As many marketers already know all too well, there are few matters more important to a campaign than timing.

In marketing campaigns, it’s all in the details

In marketing campaigns, it's all in the details

Marketing campaigns are meant to boost the image and reputation of a brand in the eyes of prospects and current clientele, but failure to focus on the details when developing the plan can have the exact opposite impact.

Marketing to matriarchs: Mother’s Day ad campaigns

Marketing to matriarchs: Mother's Day ad campaigns

Holidays and special events always act as exceptional opportunities for brands to release targeted marketing campaigns that focus on balancing celebration with the successful acquisition and retention of new and existing customers.
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    Patricia Maschio

    From Copernicus Brazil: What to do in Times of Crisis

    As Featured in PropMark Magazine (Brazil) Cars piled in the yards of automakers, filled gondolas in empty shops, endless studies of price elasticity to try to gain some (even micro) margin on sales, higher churn rate history, in short, a sales cataclysm. And the impression is that their brand appears to be just one more? If this torment sounds familiar, it’s because – in fact – the crisis is present in your business, for your brand. During a crisis or recession it is natural that consumers adopt stricter priorities and start to spend less. When sales begin to fall, companies generally cut costs, reduce prices and postpone new investments. Marketing expenses in areas such as communication and research are often pruned across the board. But these cuts usually do not have good results. There are many measures that can and must be taken within that context. However, there is what

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    Millennial Dis AWXII

    The Millennial Disconnect at Advertising Week 2015

    With “Millennials” producing 16 million keywords searches annually, and thousands of articles already written on this seemingly obvious group, is there really anything left to know about the “selfie generation”? The answer at Carat’s special seminar during Advertising Week “The Millennial Disconnect,” was a resounding yes. Hosted by Doug Ray, Carat’s US CEO & Global President, Michelle Lynn, Carat’s EVP and Managing Director, and Alex Pettitt, Associate Head of Live and Social at John Brown Media, this thought provoking seminar looked at how marketers can avoid disconnect and win with Millennials. Here we bring you the key learnings from this session during Advertising Week – Day 2. THE MILLENNIAL DISCONNECT – IF YOU’RE NOT WINNING WITH MILLENNIALS, YOU’RE JUST NOT WINNING With more than 85 million people in the US counted as Millennials (those born roughly between 1980 and 1992), this age group is equivalent to the 15th most populated

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    ICYMI: Take-Aways from TMRE 2015

    It’s hard to go to a marketing conference these days where discussions about big data analytics and non-traditional research tools/techniques are not center-stage. TMRE 2015 was no exception.

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    ICYMI: Take-Aways from TMRE 2015

    It’s hard to go to a marketing conference these days where discussions about big data analytics and non-traditional research tools/techniques are not center-stage. TMRE 2015 was no exception.

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    Dentsu Aegis Network Acquires Forbes Consulting Group

    PRESS RELEASE DENTSU AEGIS NETWORK ACQUIRES FORBES CONSULTING GROUP To be Integrated Into Copernicus, Further Strengthening its Capabilities in Data and Consumer Insights Dentsu Aegis Network today announces the acquisition of Forbes Consulting Group, a leading full-service consumer insight firm headquartered in the US that provides deep insight into the emotional motivations that drive consumer behavior. The acquisition of Forbes Consulting Group will bring Forbes’ patented suite of applied neuroscience methods, MindSight® emotional assessment technologies, into the network’s portfolio of industry-leading consumer insights tools. Headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts and founded in 1985 by David Forbes, PhD, the firm specializes in providing deep psychological insights into a brand’s current customers and its overall marketplace through both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis. Its patented MindSight® tool was first introduced in scholarly journals in 2011 and is now used by many major brands.  It uses groundbreaking non-cognitive techniques to identify the underlying and often subconscious